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Living in the 21st century, we all sought for being physically fit. We always dream of being fit and fine, however when it comes to putting the work we always come up the most persuadable excuses for ourselves. Out of all the excuse, without any doubt procrastination will the one on the top. This has always been the culprit 99% of time to prevent us from working towards getting fit.

So, say it with me loud and clear “I WILL DO IT TODAY, I WILL DO IT RIGHT NOW”.

Let go of the habit of saying, in a minute, later, tomorrow and so on. This all leads to the delay of our actions, hence throwing us in the list of people who fail. To become Fit, first let go of the PROCRASTINATION.

Below are few exercises that we can adopt to start the journey to become fit without spending a fortune:

  1. Walking/Jogging/Running

The simplest form of exercise that requires less time to prepare and is very beneficial to our body is walking, jogging and running. Wear cloths that are good for running and head on out. Its free, refreshing and overall of best way to get physically and mentally fit.

  • Yoga

Doing yoga also helps our body to release stress and pumps our mind with positive vibes. Yoga has been in practice for thousands of years and there is a reason why it is still so much loved. Just look for Youtube videos of Yoga in the comfort of your home, follow the instructions and enjoy fresh start to your day with each yoga session.

  • Healthy Eating Habits

Walking/Running and doing Yoga can help you begin your journey into the life of fitness, however it may not give me the results you are looking for if you are not overlooking what types of food we are intaking most of the time. Our Diet Plays a vital role in the keeping our body organs healthy. I agree it is not possible to stop consuming junk food (because they are sooooo tasty 😊), it is absolutely possible to control the amount of junk food we intake. Eat healthy for the most part and have cheat days, where we can eat some of the junk food that we so much desire. This way we are eating healthy, and at the same time not completely punishing ourselves just to be fit.

Let’s all make a promise to ourselves and say “YES WE CAN, YES WE WILL” become the fit person that we always dream of becoming.

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