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Long before the wheels on machines were invented, we used are legs to commute. This kept us fit and healthy without even knowing that walking was actually beneficial for our body.

Then came the modern world, where everyone was looking for a convenient way go from point A to point B, without having to spend too much time on traveling. And this is become the new norm and we slowly became so dependent on wheels, that walking started to present itself to us as a chore, rather than something that benefits our health. And believe me, i’m not here to debunk the wonder vehicles have done to our livelihood.

In today’s world, the things that we aim to achieve in one day, may not be possible just by walking. And makes perfect sense, some of us have Motorbikes, Scooters, cars, Helicopters, private Jets – all for the purpose of getting from point A to point B. Imagine walking 1000 of miles, that would have take months to complete, now because of the transportation mediums, we are able to complete within hours to minutes.

I’m here just to share information on what walking few minutes per day can have the impact in our health and well being.

Are you ready to walk for few minutes?

We invest so much time to ensure our house is looking good, our garden is clean and has more flowers than anyone in the neighborhood, work hard to make more money than others and have a plate full of food day and night. In all of this we unknowingly tend to forget to take care of our body and health. Really?, think about, if you do not have good health, the what is the use of having good looking house when you are not able to invite others; beautiful garden when you can not go out an enjoy it, money on the bank when you can not spend it ,and delicious food on the table when you can not eat it. So let’s get this motto ” Health First” deeply engraved in our system. Let’s WALK out way to the healthy and fit life we deserve.

15 minutes of Walking can change your Body!

  1. Brain Improves mood
  2. Heat lowers blood pressure and risk of hear attack
  3. Relieves back pain
  4. Arms Strengthens
  5. Tightens Abdominal Muscles
  6. Reduces Hip fat
  7. Leg lowers the risk of blood clots
  8. keep knee joints healthy
  9. Feet reduces the load on others joints

So what do yo have to loose? Let’s join together to make this planet full of healthy people with one step at a time!!

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